Air Source Heat Pumps

Simply an Air Source Heat Pump works by extracting the latent heat in the air and converting it into usable heated water for your central heating and hot water requirements. They can produce useful heat energy down to -18’c.

The latest units produce useful heated water around 45-50’c which is slightly lower than that produced by your boiler – 70’c.

An Air Source Heat Pump is powered by electricity and one of their key benefits is the ratio (or co-efficiency of performance) of how much electricity. For every 1kw of electricity used they produce 3kw of useful heat output- this is the formula for saving money on energy cost.

So if you are planning just to use electric underfloor or electric radiators to move away from gas – think again, you will not save money by simply switching.

 N10 Plumbing of Muswell Hill London supply and install Air Source Heat Source Pumps

They will design the correct size of unit for your requirement sand advise on other elements of your property that will increase the running efficiency of your Air Source Heat Pump ..

Air Source Heat Pumps are best used with wet underfloor heating as the water flow temperature required is around 45’c. But don’t be put off if you only have radiators N10 Plumbing can design and upgrade your radiators to suit.

The units can be sited in your garden or at the front of your property and require a solid structure to sit on, this can be created as part of the installation service.

Installation of an Air Source Heat Pump and heat pump compatible hot water cylinder qualify for the Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) which contributes £5000 towards the total cost.

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