N10 Eco Heating Option

Eco-friendly and energy efficient is at the centre of everything we do. Whether we are installing an underfloor heating system or an optimised whole-house heating system, you can be confident that we are using innovative technology for your benefit.

Energy Efficient Eco Friendly Heating

Energy Efficient Central Heating

We design and install whole-house central heating systems from smaller homes to larger domestic properties. When we design your central heating system we prepare full heat loss calculations for every room to ensure the system we install is optimum for your home.

We also fit thermostatic radiator valves and programmable room thermostats which will make your new central heating system more efficient.

We can also supply and fit manifold systems with the latest plastic pipe technology.

The powerhouse of your heating system is the boiler and we only fit the most energy-efficient. 

Eco-friendly underfloor heating

Water based floor heating uses lower temperature water (35°C – 45°C) than radiators, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money on your energy bills.

There are many methods of installing underfloor heating in your new extension or home renovation. A design consultation is highly recommended when considering a retrofit project.

Reliable, future proof and environmentally friendly.

Control the temperature in every room with Smart Technology

At N10 Plumbing we believe in being ahead of the curve with new technology and have many years experience installing all manner of Smart heating controls.

These smart thermostats allow the temperature in individual rooms to be controlled by homeowners using tablets or smartphones. This is achieved by the strategic placement of smart sensors around the home that communicate with a central control panel giving greater control.

As awareness grows this smart technology is becoming increasingly popular and the demand for smart control panels and installers who have the experience to install them is also growing.

The appeal of having control of your heating system from your smartphone is obvious and with systems now available across every budget, demand is rapidly increasing

Optimum efficiency comes from good maintenance

If you want your central heating system to stay in tip-top condition it requires regular maintenance. For optimum performance, you need to remove the dirt and sludge that builds up over time and can reduce flow in your heating pipes.

Power flushing removes the debris from the system and returns it to optimum, peak performance.

A specially designed pumping system is attached to the boiler and pipework and chemicals are forced around the system to cleanse the pipes, radiators and boiler. This can be carried out when you upgrade your boiler or separately to improve overall performance.

We can power flush your system with a minimum of disruption to your home or business, returning your system to optimum performance.


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